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Solar Services

help the environment

and reduce your carbon footprint

We can help you with your solar panels instalation! 100% FREE in-home consultation!

Solar Services

Modern homeowners are becoming more environmentally conscious and what better way to help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint than installing solar panels on your roof?

Terra Home Remodeling uses innovative solar roof panels to ensure that you are getting top quality materials for your budget.

By installing solar roof panels, you can potentially save a lot on your utility bills and much more:

Bring your home into the 21st century and install solar panel roofing with Terra Home Remodeling. Solar roofing is clean and reusable energy because all of its power depends on the sun, as long as there is sunshine you will have a solar-powered home.

There are many incentives to installing solar panels on your roof, which include government incentives and loans. When you call Terra Home Remodeling, our customer service representatives will answer all of your solar paneling questions.

We can also connect you with our Financing Department who will be happy to go over all of financial options. The Financing Department at Terra Home Remodeling can help you obtain loans that offer incentives for installing solar roofing.

Our roofing contractors will evaluate your roof, give you an estimate, and recommend which solar roofing panels would work best for your home.

Our roofing contractors will evaluate your roof, give you an estimate, and recommend which solar roofing panels would work best for your home.

Terra Home Remodeling contractors will ensure that you are involved in every step of the solar roofing process, constant communication is the key to a successful solar roofing project.

Whether you prefer to install complete solar roof panels or solar roof shingles, Terra Home Remodeling will install top quality materials to ensure that you are getting the most out of your solar roofing investment.

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Contact Terra Home Remodeling today, our customer service representatives are eager to answer all of your questions and to help you understand everything you need to know about solar roofing. Installing solar panels is a wise investment because you will profit from your investment by saving thousands in utility bills over the years. What are you waiting for? Contact Terra Home Remodeling today!

We are proudly serving Southern California: from Ventura County through San Fernando Valley, LA County, Orange County, and all the way to San Diego.

Customer Testimonials

Got an affordable price with perfect quality work!

Stanley Johnson

Best quality service, great staff and Trustworthy company!

Tom Adams

Had the best experience from this company, someone you can trust and the professionalism is exceptional.

Bernadette Gavin

My wife and I decided to replace the existing roof we have with “Cool Roof Shingles”, I heard a lot great things and savings about this product. We have met with 2 different companies and I really liked the courtesy and professionalism of Terra Home Remodeling. The project manager is on time, and did exactly what he promised. We are getting a lot of compliments from our neighbors, our roof looks amazing. We will absolutely recommend this company.

Michael Cabrerra

I had the best experience with Terra Home Remodeling and the whole project crew. The workers were always on time and always make sure that they leave everything clean. The project manager was with me from start to finish and went through the entire process to make sure that I am contented and I was happy with the project.

Erica Lim

We have been enjoying our beautiful kitchen done by Terra Home Remodeling 3 months ago. Their crews were amazing and was with us in every step of the way, from choosing the cabinet designs, colors, counter tops, floors, etc. Their ideas are great and exceptional. They assured us that we will get the best and quality service and they proved it right. We were so impressed on how they made it very stress free for us and producing an outstanding kitchen, our family, friends and relatives loved it so much!

Amanda Hart

Terra Home Remodeling did the bathrooms on the house that we just purchased and it’s perfect! They gave us exactly what we wanted and even made it more gorgeous. The workers are always on time and all are very nice and polite. Our family is very satisfied and happy with the service that we received from this company.

Julie Smith

I have never written a review before, but I this week’s experience is a “must share.” guys at Terra Home Remodeling are the best ! Thanks to Terra Home Remodeling and it’s skilled and professional team, my 96 year old house now has an exquisitely beautiful living room ceiling. The texture is a pleasing match with the rest of the house and the cove is perfect. Terra Home Remodeling team are lovely to work with. I would recommend them heads and shoulders above anyone else.

Joe B

They are an excellent company, on budget, super responsive, friendly, and addressed any problem I had immediately.

Julie Sanders

I used this company to do my roof, siding and windows. Excellent prices and quality work. No complaints.

Laura G